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New indie folk rock album coming soon!


When We Met is a Northwest Indie Rock Duo. The duo is influenced by heroes such as Ween, Built To Spill, Pinback, The Pixies, The Cure and Talking Heads just to name a few…. WWM’s previously released music ranges from post punk, alternative rock and indie pop. They strive to create diversity with their music so that every song has its own flavor. Check out the When We Met playlist on Spotify for an example of that diversity. 

As of now, When We Met is in the studio working on a stripped down indie folk type collection of personal songs about love, loss and aliens... So stay tuned! Bryan has traded his electric guitar and booming beats for his acoustic guitar and hypnotic sounds of the cloud drum. Melissa has honed in on the stand up bass for fun and to get a more classical vibe on some songs. 

The upcoming shows they will be featuring these new songs, so come out and see what ya think! 

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Previously released music: 

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