“When We Met," comprised of the enigmatic duo Bryan Casey and Melissa Dorres, introduces a hauntingly beautiful universe where the soulful echoes of indie, goth folk are brought to life. Picture a sound that converges the melancholic introspection of Elliott Smith with a 90's dark, indie aura reminiscent of a collaboration between Robert Smith and Siouxsie Sioux. Their music, an amalgamation of acoustic guitar and double bass, interwoven with ambient effects, encapsulates a sound that's both nostalgically cinematic and thrillingly modern, inviting listeners into a rich tapestry of emotive and shadowy musical narratives.

A serendipitous meeting on the dance floor of Portland, Oregon's Wonder Ballroom brought Bryan and Melissa together, their connection sparked amid the lyrics of James: "Sometimes when I look into your eyes, I swear I can see your soul." Recognizing a mutual musical magnetism and shared aesthetic sensibilities, they melded their talents to forge a duo, creating a unique, edgy, melancholic, but also a fun sound that quickly became their signature.

After years of permeating the alternative scene with their robust and impactful sound, they embarked on a journey to craft an acoustic collection that delves deep into the myriad shades of the human experience, exploring themes of love, loss, and the intricate moments that stitch them together. "All I Want Now," the debut single from this introspective collection, speaks volumes of their evolution as artists, inviting listeners into a more nuanced and shadowed exploration of their sound, with more to unfurl in due time.

Throughout their musical journey, When We Met has graced various platforms and stages, releasing a myriad of albums and singles, and being featured across diverse platforms including Channel 8 News, numerous radio stations, YouTube channels, and music blogs, and even making a distinguished appearance at the NBA Halftime Show for The Portland Trailblazers. Their performances have reverberated across venues and festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest and national tours across the United States, leaving a lasting imprint with their intriguing and distinctive sound.

Now, as When We Met re-emerges with this new collection of cinematic indie tracks, they are presenting a new chapter of their artistry that promises to infuse the scene with their characteristically cool, darkly alluring musical offerings. 

Evolving Echoes: When We Met's Sonic Odyssey



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